You can’t kill Alice Cooper. Just look at our list of Alice Cooper Albums Ranked Worst to Best for proof.

Between shock rock and show tunes, proto-punk and hair metal, Cooper has done it all. With an ear for melody and an eye for the macabre, he has survived just about every musical trend over the decades.

Even though Alice Cooper the man (who was born Vincent Furnier) has endured, Alice Cooper the band (which formed in the late '60s) did not. The group split in 1975, after creating some incredible recordings that helped its frontman become a solo act and pop culture icon.

In addition to all that great music, Cooper has appeared in movies, on TV shows (hosting his own specials!) and in commercials. You'll also find him on golf courses and, until 2017 at least, inside his own Alice Cooper-themed franchise restaurants.

But it all comes back to the music, which spans over half a century. Cooper has rarely stayed away for long, and that's worth celebrating. From his humble origins on 1969's Pretties for You to the chart-topping smash Billion Dollar Babies to late-period triumphs like 2005's Dirty Diamonds, Cooper has built a catalog of hits, misses and true classics. Along the way, his revolutionary stage shows have inspired tons of artists and practically become a genre in themselves.

As we rank Alice Cooper's albums from worst to best, we've combined both the band and solo records into one large, strange and hugely influential catalog.

Alice Cooper Albums Ranked

You can't kill Alice Cooper.

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