Time is ticking, and at this point, choosing a Halloween costume is just plain daunting. The decision to stay traditional with a witchy costume or be unique with some type of spin-off from a weird horror cartoon you've seen three episodes of when you were 14. 


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Google is doing all the leg work this year. Their interactive tool Frightgeist makes choosing a costume easy. Eerie music softly plays in the background as you begin to browse costume trends on Frightgeist. 

When you enter the site you are taken to 'The Costume Map.' The map has little pumpkins scattered across each state, representing some of the most popular costumes within that state.

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In Texas, you can expect to see a lot of fairies. According to the site, Faries was the most popular costume search in Victoria- and Texas. Houston lands among the top 4 cities in the nation that searched the term "Fairy." It may be safe to say, there is a frightfully high chance you will see a few fairies this Halloween.

Other costumes you will likely see this Halloween in Texas are:

  • Stranger Things characters
  • Pirate
  • Angel
  • The Joker

A cool feature Frightgeist has is their 'Costume Wizard.' This is perfect for confused souls. The Costume Wizard gives costume ideas based on your preferences. 


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  • First, you choose the level of spookiness you want your costume to be, 0% being not spooky at all, and 100% being the most frightening thing you can create. 
  • Second, you choose a style; 'classic or traditional;' do you want to be a generic cat or are you looking for something more unique like Grumpy Cat? You will also choose the 'Trend Meter'; this helps Google give a suggestion based on what people are searching for as a nation or localize their suggestion based on trends in your state.
  • Finally, you will choose how unique you want your costume to be; 0%-100%. Then you submit your answers and BOOM! The Google Frightgeist will give you their top suggestion based on your answers. 

I love the 'Flying Monkey' suggestion I received on Frightgeist. So if you are stuck and need some suggestions, give Frightgeist a try. 

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