Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed an executive order today that will temporarily close restaurants, bars, and gyms throughout the state until at least April 4th.

Covid-19 is the first statewide public health disaster in Texas since 1901.

Signing this declaration will allow state and Victoria officials some of the much-needed resources that will be needed to combat coronavirus such as the ability to close restaurants, bars, and health clubs on a temporary basis. This order is different than a shelter in place which would not allow Texans the freedom to head to the store or go to the bank. This is not the case.

Abbott is lining up Texas for compliance with the CDC standards to respond to Covid-19. The order will go into effect at midnight Friday through April 3rd. The timeline with this order is subject to change and could be extended.

You can see the entire press conference in the video above from KVUE. The video starts at roughly the 14:00 minute mark and features Commissioner John Hellerstedt (DSHS), Chief Nim Kidd (TDEM), Lt. Gov Dan Patrick, and Speaker Dennis Bonnen.

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