This goes to show that you never know what is really going on around us. An unassuming new construction home in North Texas was hiding 15 women between the ages of 23-26. What led to the discovery? A call to a pest control company for a bedbug problem! reports that the technician told police that when he arrived, he was met by young men who showed him around the house. In each bedroom, he said, three to five women were sleeping on the floor. In open areas of the house, he described "a large amount of suitcases" and no furniture beyond folding tables and air mattresses.

After the technician reported the conditions of the place to his employer, authorities started to investigate.  The police learned through the interviews of the women that they believed were internships to learn Java scripting or computer programming.

According to the article, the  women would apply for jobs and, once they got them, would have their salaries paid to a company run by owners of the house that would take a 20% cut.

Police believe this is part of a much larger operation with potentially 100 victims or more. Read the full story by clicking here.


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