A plane/vehicle crash occurred in McKinney, Texas this past weekend.  In an article that was posted by WFAA, officials in Texas say a small airplane crashed into a car while making an emergency landing at an airport.  Jack Schneider who was working nearby on that Saturday afternoon pulled out his cellphone and recorded the incident.

The McKinney Fire Department rushed to the scene and thankfully everyone was ok!  First responders checked out the two people inside the plane, which had traveled in from Midland, as well as the driver of the car. The driver was taken to the hospital for minor injuries This accident is currently under investigation. The below video footage was posted to the WFAA YouTube page.

[VIDEO] Armed Texas Store Owner Was Prepared for 2 Robbers

Two armed robbers walked into a Mesquite store with plans to clean out the place. They walked into the Cash4Gold store and the owner was ready for them, and he pulled out a gun of his own and quickly opened fire. The two robbers quickly changed their minds and fled the scene. no one was hurt, but bullets hit a glass counter, walls, and the owner's golf bag. You can see the video here. According to this article, this was not the first time that this place had been robbed, this was the third attempt in five years. This store owner was able to protect himself and his well-being.

VIDEO: Texas Thieves Yank ATM Right Out of the Store

A video has gone viral from Waco, Texas! It shows a group of thieves working together to basically yank an ATM out of a Waco convenience store.  What is going on with kids today? The three men in the video were using a stolen truck out of Waco, according to the police. The stolen ATM and car used in that theft were found dumped, nearby, later that day.  Take a look at the video that was posted to Dallas Texas TV Facebook page.


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