The City of Victoria, Texas, has an excellent Environmental Services department. Christy Youker, the Assistant Director, wants to remind us that some things you may think are recyclable but aren't.

We can all do our part for the environment by recycling. You may have made a point to put styrofoam packaging and plastic baggies in the recycle bin at home, thinking you were doing the right thing.


You may not know those items can't be recycled in the plant. Below are items that can be recycled.

Here is a reminder from the Environmental Services in Victoria.

Canva/City Of Victoria
Canva/City Of Victoria

Non-recyclable items can even ruin a whole load of items, causing slowdowns and extra work at the San Antonio recycling center.

Here are the items that can be recycled:

Paper: This includes newspapers, magazines, office paper, cardboard, and paper packaging. You need to make sure they're clean and dry.

Plastic Bottles and Containers: Typical items include water bottles, soda bottles, milk jugs, yogurt containers, and shampoo bottles.

Metal Cans: Aluminum cans for beverages, food cans (like soup or canned vegetables), and metal packaging (like aluminum foil and trays).

Cardboard Boxes: Flatten them to save space and remove non-recyclable materials like tape or plastic inserts. Pizza boxes are not recommended due to the grease that gets into the cardboard. But if there is just a tiny amount, it's okay.

Paperboard: Includes cereal, tissue, and any other thin cardboard packaging.

Now, you can recycle the right way and help keep Victoria, Texas, beautiful.

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