The photo was posted on Sunday ahead of landfall from Hurricane Beryl. Time and time again, H-E-B has shown that they have a sense of humor.  According to the original picture was posted by Chris Ramirez .

According to the article, Chris Ramirez, who works at a refinery in Galveston, did a double-take or two before snapping a photo of H-E-B Bakery's cheeky creation: a Hurricane Beryl cake complete with outflow bands of rain, albeit created with icing and not torrential winds and rain. I personally love this.


Only in Texas, will you find a balloon that says 'TOXICA.' You can see that TikTok below. For those of you that don't know a 'Toxica' is a female that brings toxic behaviors to a relationship, hence the term 'toxic relationship.'  I am not sure what HEB this was recorded it but it definitely looks like something that you would see in Victoria.  You can also see what HEB put together for 'La Toxica's' last year.

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H-E-B's in South Texas have a sense of humor!  If you also have a sense of humor the video will make you chuckle. Some of you will think this video is not funny. If so, no need to comment just keep on scrolling.  For those of you with a little sense of humor, check out the video below.


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Check out some of the hilarious responses:

TikTok user

Christineag posted And this is why I want to move to SA

Tiktok user allfodongaallthetime posted  If bae doesn't get me this then it's not real TikTok user nasrollah1994 posted The toxica gift bag

TikTok user posted The Toxica Valentine's gift, all that's missing is a Selena makeup kit and blue Gatorade. 

Click on the video to see more of the funny comments!

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