Just a reminder to be careful because snakes are on the move in Texas! A mom and son walked out of their home on Wednesday to be greeted by an aggressive snake!  A snake also greeted me at my front door earlier this week. We will Take a look at the viral video first and then I will share the snake that greeted me.

A North Texas porch camera recorded the boy walking down the sidewalk. If you pay attention you can see the snake lying in the shade. As the boy starts to move closer, the snake turns aggressive. As the boy runs back toward his mom, the snake strikes in the child's direction but doesn't appear to bite him. Both mom and son were injured when they tripped trying to get away from the snake. it is unclear what type of snake this is.

This also happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I was going home for lunch and had a long snake waiting for me at my front door. I turned out to be a non-venomous Western rat snake. However, you don't know that when you first see it. He was also aggressive, here is a photo of him defending himself against me.

Remember! Snakes are on the move so be careful when you are outdoors. Snakes are not out and about looking to attack you. So if you are in a snake's home territory, leave it alone and move along. If a snake is on your turf and poses an immediate threat use caution. Otherwise, leave it alone, it wants to avoid confrontation just as much as you do!
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