Have you noticed all of the tarantulas out and about lately? I think they're pretty neat. I was having drinks for friends when I saw a couple of them walking around the backyard. One of my friends immediately freaked out and started looking for a way to kill the poor little guys. Arachnophobia runs deep with her, and she was not impressed. I moved them to a different area so she wouldn't feel uncomfortable. I reminded her that tarantulas have no idea when they are invading your space, and are not AT ALL intent on biting your hand OR creeping you out.

They are just trying to live.

Sure, they get pretty big and hairy, but they are harmless unless you have a tarantula allergy. They aren't just walking around looking for people to bite! Tarantulas only bite when they are cornered or feel threatened. While they are considered to be very docile, they don't particularly enjoy being handled.

The bite from a tarantula might hurt a bit, but that's only because they are so large. There's no poison. They prefer to run away over fighting, so if you get bitten, you probably startled them. The best way to avoid the rare chance of being bitten by one is not to engage with it at all.

Texas brown tarantulas are one of the most common species in the world and are highly beneficial to our ecosystem. They like to munch on the pesky bugs that destroy gardens, like beetles, caterpillars, grasshoppers, and crickets. I don't know if you've been outside lately, but the bugs are INSANE. Leave the little snuggly tarantulas alone! We need them.

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