Nothing like going to grab yourself a dozen hot honey wings in a place that looks like the setup to a horror flick...

Instagram user @tvylin posted a video of what must be the sketchiest Wingstop in the entire state of Texas. I've never seen anything like it. Apparently, it used to be a gym or something. It's totally bizarre, and it has to be seen to be believed.

Check out the video below:

Pretty wild, huh?

Wings are wings. I'd probably still go there. What about you?

Here's what a few viewers had to say in the comments below the video:

"No way they passed inspection."

"Lmao Been there too by mistake once. Confused AF. Didn’t call it in so they ain’t even let me place an order. Sh*t gotta be a cover front they slanging kidneys in the back"

"Imo if the place looks like you gonna get shot, stabbed, robbed, or murdered the food is usually pretty good."

"Girl this my Wingstop and it never fails me"

"I had a Doordash there & was confused, sat waiting for someone to enter to make sure I wasn’t tripping"

"This is right by my job and I made this mistake once… I literally had to stay on the phone with my mama the whole time I thought I was being set up and they were about to take my organs."

Let me know what you think about this weird Wingstop location in a comment wherever you see this article. Keep scrolling for more weird Texas-based stories in the galleries below...

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