WARNING: Article contains graphic footage of shark attack.

A shocking video went viral over the weekend showing a vicious and gruesome shark attack that left one Texas woman without a calf.


Tabatha Sullivent from Celina, Texas was celebrating the holiday weekend with her family at South Padre Island. Sullivent and her 15-year-old daughter were playing in the water when suddenly Sullivent spotted something large and dark.

Thinking it was a large fish, Sullivent went to kick it away but immediately found out the reality of what was swimming right next to her. As she went to shoo the fish away, it grabbed her and began to drag her.

"I turned around and saw something dark in the water. And I thought it was a big fish, and I was going to kick it away. That’s when it grabbed me," Sullivan said.

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The large fish was a massive shark that would bite off her entire calf. In a state of shock, Sullivent tried to swim away using her arms and one leg.

"I think it let go of me, and I was able to start swimming to the beach with one leg and my arms. It didn’t grab me there. Then I got closer to the beach, and people started pulling me out. My husband had me first. But then he dropped me because the shark was in pursuit," Sullivent explained.

Sullivent's husband Cary began to fight off the shark, getting himself a bit in the process. Bystanders rushed to Sullivent and began to pull her to shore and force themselves between her and the shark that was still attempting to attack.


Footage from the scene showed the gruesome aftermath as Sullivent lay in the water while people attempted to reduce her blood loss. Sullivent and her husband were rushed to a hospital where they are currently recovering.

Tabatha Sullivent via Facebook
Tabatha Sullivent via Facebook

Sullivent posted a photo updating her insane recovery, showing her calf less leg.  This was just one of 4 attacks that happened over the weekend in South Padre Island right before Hurricane Beryl landed in Texas.

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