Everyone is told to avoid traveling to these 4 Texas cities. Do you find yourself avoiding these places too?

Major Cities Americans "Avoid" At All Costs

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The Vactioner's survey, "Cities Americans Avoid Traveling to at All Costs," questioned 1,020 Americans were asked  to find which major cities "they avoid traveling to at all costs." 34 major cities were selected based on a combination of population size and visitor popularity.

Detroit, Chicago, and Atlanta topped the list. However, 2 Texas cities landed on the top 10 cities to avoid, can you guess which ones?

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Americans Avoid Traveling To THESE Texas Cities

Austin, Texas ranked 8th on the list. Austin, known for "keepin' it weird," may be scaring off more people than it's attracting. 15.47 percent of survey participants said they avoid traveling to Austin at all costs.

Dallas, Texas ranked #10 on the list. Dallas is building up quite a reputation as it also landed on the list of the Most Rude Cities in America. 14.34 percent of survey participants said they try to avoid traveling to Dallas.

San Antonio ranks 29th on the list. The festive city may be a bit too much during the holidays when it comes to traffic and congestion, as 9.14 percent of people try to avoid traveling to San Antonio.

Here are the top 10 ranked list of major US cities Americans avoid traveling to at all costs:

1. Detroit, Michigan — 22.50%
2. Chicago, Illinois. — 21.71%
3. Atlanta, Georgia. — 18.47%
4. New York City, New York. — 18.07%
5. Baltimore, Maryland. — 17.39%
6. Anaheim, California. — 17.19%
7. San Francisco, California. — 15.62%
8. Austin, Texas. — 15.42%
9. Miami, Florida. — 14.83%
10. Dallas, Texas. — 14.34%

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