It is spreading like a Texas wildfire. The latest Facebook scam can cost you your Facebook account. Even worse, if you manage the Facebook account of your employer or organization, it can seize control and lock you out.

Imagine the damage.

The scam is called the "Look Who Died Scam." The premise is simple. You get a private message from a friend that says, "Look Who Died," along with a link to what looks like a news article.

When you click on the link, it asks you to enter your username and password in what appears to be Facebook. It is not. If you do it, they've got you. The scammers then use your account to send all your Facebook friends the "Look Who Died" message.

Experts say the death of Tina Turner today added fire to this phishing expedition. Thousands of new victims of the "Look Who Died" scam have been added today. Chances are one of your friends has been hit.

If you fall for the scam, change your password immediately. If you don't, chances are you've lost your Facebook account.  If that happens, there are ways to recover it, but it can be quite an ordeal.

The steps include:

1) Go to

2) On the login page, click the "Forgotten account?" link below the login fields.

3) Go to the "Find Your Account" page.  There, enter your email address, your full name or username, and any other relevant information Facebook can use to verify you and click "search."

4) If Facebook recognizes the information you provide, it will display the profile photo for your account.

5) Once you verify the photo, Facebook will offer you recovery options.

This new scam steals your Facebook account, but many people also use the same passwords on multiple sites. If you use the same passwords for social media, and bank accounts, you better change them immediately. Once your social media account is breached, hackers could access your bank and drain your account.

Chances are, you will soon encounter a private message from a Facebook friend with the message "Look Who Died." If it happens, you now know what to do. You might also contact your Facebook friend via text or email and gloat.  They fell for a scam and you didn't. Somebody click "Like."

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