They've gone from makeup to unmasked, hard rock to prog, and been one of the world's biggest rock bands for several decades, releasing a slew of classic studio and live LPs along the way. Ranking the Kiss discography isn't a job for the faint of heart, in other words — but in this installment of Worst to Best, we give it our best shot.

It's been well established that the '80s were a bumpy time for the band, so it should be no surprise that the lower reaches of our list lean heavy on the decade of synths, drum machines and MTV. But we haven't ignored the lowlights of the '70s and '90s, either, or the group's forays into disco and grunge.

As with every other Worst to Best list, we come not to bury Kiss, but to praise them, and with the whiffs in the discography out of the way, we tackle the tough task of organizing the group's best albums — which means singling out some of the less-heralded entries and putting all of the classic Kiss records in the right order.

Which Kiss album is worst, which one is first and how does our ranking stack up against your personal running order? The answers to all those questions can be found in the following list. So, what are you waiting for? Let's start the countdown.

Kiss Albums Ranked Worst to Best

We rank all 24 Kiss studio albums - including their 1978 solo efforts - from worst to best.

Gallery Credit: UCR Staff

You Think You Know Kiss?

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