Sometimes social media can be a terrible place, but sometimes it can be amazingly wholesome.

Erika Kristine lives over in San Antonio and she wanted to do something unique for her 27th birthday. She wanted to do a pole dancing class with all her friends. That's one way to celebrate a birthday. So she booked the class herself and all her friends had to do was show up.

Well, Erika's friends bailed on her at the last minute. Erika didn't want to do the class all by herself on her birthday and the deposit was non-refundable. So she reached out to a mom group she is a part of in the San Antonio area and basically said anyone that wants to come to this is more than welcome to just show up.

Erika was shocked to see some ladies responded and complete strangers to Erika showed up for her birthday. “It was like we were already friends. We made a pact at the end of my celebration to get together again. We even dubbed ourselves #polesisters,” Erika said.

“I was NOT expecting my post to blow up the way that it did. It was overwhelmingly incredible. I’m above and beyond grateful for the birthday wishes and the ladies that showed up to celebrate me. This was truly a lemons into lemonade moment. This will be a birthday I’ll never forget,” Erika said.

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