An Uber ride ended tragically after a woman was hit and killed in the middle of a busy Houston highway.


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Around midnight a woman was sitting in the backseat of an Uber ride. As they were traveling down I-10 the Uber driver suddenly pulled over. The woman erratically got out of the vehicle in the middle of the I-10 near the I-610 East Loop.



Once she exited the vehicle she ran across the busy lanes toward the exit ramp. However, before she was able to safely make it across the lanes a truck fatally slammed into her, followed by several other vehicles.

When police arrived the driver of the truck was parked and waiting. According to Houston Police Department, the driver of the truck was not impaired. 

Police began to understand why the woman put herself on the highway in the first place. As they began to investigate, they believe the woman and the Uber driver got into some sort of disagreement. However, they are still trying to piece everything together and find out why the Uber driver pulled over in the middle of the freeway and why the woman felt it necessary to bolt out of the car.


People can be quite temperamental, and Texans are no exception. Sure, no one likes being cut off but for some, it can fill them with intense rage. Here is one of the most violent road rage cases in Texas. 


Emmanuel Escot got wrapped up in one of the most extreme cases of road rage. 

In the middle of a busy Houston road, Escot quickly became the victim of road rage. A man in another vehicle began ramming his car into Escot's, destroying it. 

The violent man gets out of his car and approaches Escot. At one point he jumps on Escot's car, stomping on the hood. Before leaving, he rips off a roof rack and door handles, leaving Escot with a destroyed vehicle.

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