Texas is known for a lot of things like ranches, cowboys, oil and barbecue, just to name a few. To some, Texas is also known for some unique expressions that you've probably heard before but, if you weren't born and raised here like myself, then some may be new to you. Only In Your State posted the Top 10. See if they're ones you've heard or used before.

1."Bless your heart." This one is usually used in the 3rd person as in, "bless his heart." A  nice way of calling someone an idiot.

2. Referring to any kind of soda as "Coke." Actually, I think this is a southern thing in general. When I lived in North Carolina, they did the same thing. You'd order a Coke, and the server would ask "what kind?"

3. "Hang your hat" on something. That one is self explanatory, and I hang my hat on that.

4. "Wouldn't bite a biscuit." I've never heard this one before but, it's a reference to a dog that's scared, like one of my dogs when there's thunder.

5. "Fell off the turnip truck." Everybody knows this one, which means a person is inexperienced.

6. "Come hell or high water." Another one heard all over the country that refers to determination.

7. "This ain't my first rodeo." I'm sure you know this one too. It means you've got experience at whatever it is you're talking about.

8. "Fixin.'' Again, a southern thing. Getting ready to do something.

9. "Reckon." To me, it's mainly cowboy speak from western movies but, I reckon plenty of Texans still use it.

10. "All hat and no cattle." Here's another one that's new to me. It refers to someone who, according the website, is pretentious or foolish. I would also add that it could mean someone that's all talk and no action or all bark and no bite. Kind of like politicians.


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