On Saturday, April 15th, Victoria County Sheriff's Deputies assisted officials from Texas Parks and Wildlife in relocating a 10 ft alligator that took up residence at the duck pond inside Riverside Park.

According to authorities, recent rains have the Guadalupe River swollen higher than usual making it's banks inaccessible for gators. So they have to find somewhere else to move to so naturally, the duck pond was a good fit.

This is particularly troublesome because of the number of families that take their small children and pets to the duck pond. I've seen toddlers walking on the bank close enough to the water and the same with dogs on a leash and not on a leash.

Just keep that in mind when walking your pets near any standing body of water. Alligators can be anywhere. And especially keep an eye on your little ones. We don't want a repeat of what happened at Disney World last year.

The gator was safely relocated but it, and others, can find their way back until the Guadalupe River goes back to normal.


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