Texans are so lucky to live in such a vast state. The Lone Star residents have access to relaxing and breathtaking nature and creatures but also have massive cities that allow us to get a piece of big city life.

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Texas has tons of big urban cities; it is just so unusual that people think we are just hillbillies and cowboys. We are in tune with technology and up to date with the times! However, Texas is like its own country at times, so maybe we do our own thing here and there.

We are the second most populated state in the US, so we obviously are doing something right. However, people from the outside seem to have us all wrong. That is why we have put together all the things that we can't stand.


Texans strive to exhibit Southern hospitality; however, certain things can really grind our gears. So we sat down in the studio and thought hard about what exactly Texans are tired of. Many immediately came to our minds, and a few obviously have some reoccurring themes.


While you go through this list, think to yourself, "Am I really a Texan if I haven't been subjected to this?" We tried to hit everything that grinds our gears, from food issues to problems you have to deal with when you are hitting the road. We put up with a lot here, people.


Be sure to check out #5 because this is a heated debate within Texas; let us know where you stand. Here are ten highly specific things that are absolutely guaranteed to make any Texan roll their eyes.

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