If you haven't heard, things are heating up in Hollywood as writers stand up and go on strike.


Movie stars are easily recognizable and are the face of movies and shows. However, the true geniuses behind those roles are the writers whose creativity and blood, sweat, and tears are put into every line.


Without writers, there would be nothing. We'd have to go back to silent cinemas, and I don't think anyone wants that. That's why the Writers Guild Association has put their pens down and grabbed picket signs to go on strike. 


They are negotiating better wages and other issues they face. Meanwhile, many films and shows have completely halted production while the strike continues. 

Here are some of your favorite shows that are currently affected by the writer's strike, so plan accordingly.

The shows that stopped production


The shows that closed writers' rooms

  • "It’s pens-down in Netflix’s Cobra Kai’s writing room"
  • American Horror Story Season 12
  • Starz’s Power Book III: Raising Kanan
  • Showtime’s Yellowjackets paused after just one day in the writing room.
  • ABC’s Abbott Elementary
  • The writer’s room on a Game of Throne prequel A Knight Of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight 

As a writer, I hope they get everything they deserve and that ripple trickles down to writers in various fields. We stand with you!

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