Plans are rolling as one of Texas' most extensive additions begins making progress in its pursuit. The high-speed passenger train connecting Houston to North Texas in less than 90 minutes has made an enormous step. Tuesday, June 15, a new big deal was signed, making reality one step closer. 

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Lane Construction and its partner Webuild Group have signed a final agreement with Texas Central, the company developing the high-speed passenger train in Texas. The deal is said to be worth 16 billion dollars. 

The train will carry passengers at speeds up to 200 mph from Houston to North Texas. There will be a one-stop near Texas A&M, and the ride should take less than 90 minutes to get to its last destination. The train schedule is said to take off every 30 minutes in peak hours and every hour in off-peak hours.

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This will make it easy to go from Houston to Dallas in just the blink of an eye. Oh, the future is so good to us. No more what seems like 7-hour drives; these day trips can actually be full-day trips, not take off to Dallas at 9 am, and only enjoy 2 hours of daylight once you get there by car. No, those are going to be the days of the past once this bad boy gets going.

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In a press release, Lane Construction talked about the plan as "ambitious" and "promises fast, safe, and environmentally friendly travel as well as thousands of jobs and a major boost to the economy." According to Lane Construction, the job will create a whopping "17,000 direct jobs during the six years of construction and more than 1,500 permanent jobs when the train service becomes fully operational." That will definitely help Texas' economy and the residents within it. 

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However, not everyone is in support of the train. There has been a mountain of backlash from the get-go from a group called Texans Against High-Speed Rail. The group claims Texas Central doesn't actually have the 16 billion dollars, nor do they have the permits needed for construction. Texans Against High-Speed Rail have voiced their clear disapproval for the high-speed rail from day one. Many of the members are landowners who will be affected by the rail construction since much of the railway will be built over and near homes.

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