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That was not a bomb, it was a train running into an 18-wheeler.

If you go back far enough in Texas history, people use to organize train crashes and sell tickets to spectators who wanted to watch the wreck take place. Of course, that was 1896, but the Crash at Crush is a true story that is pretty dang interesting.

This morning's crash was definitely of the accident variety, not the spectator event type of crash. Residents in Milam County are just thankful it was not a bomb, nor does the explosion require a hazmat response. Can you believe the size of this fireball? KXAN is reporting that nobody on board the train was injured or killed. Amazing. The truck driver is also ok.

Milam County Sheriff Chris White confirmed a few cars back on the train there were some hazardous chemicals but luckily they were not a part of the train that caught fire. About 13 of the trains 110 cars were involved.

This all happened just before 7 am this morning along FM 2095 in Cameron Texas. Shortly after the crash crews were able to disconnect cars from the train to roll them back away from the fire. The front compartments of the train were carrying coal and gasoline according to Sheriff White and that is what people witnessed when the huge fireball erupted from the crash.

The fireball did burn a nearby home to the ground, and Sheriff White did say there is a voluntary evacuation for the town nearest to the crash. Emergency services workers expected the scene of the accident to be much worse. Right now they are focused on cleaning up the mess and investigating the crash.

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