Weekends are lit up with Sammy Hagar bringing the thunder to KLUB Classic Rock 106.9!

Sammy's Top Rock Countdown happens Sunday's from 7p to 9p. It's the Red Rocker counting down songs as only he can. Sammy's only stipulation was that we let him countdown "whatever the hell he wants" each week for his show. Done!

Top Instrumentals in Rock, a countdown featuring all Virgo's, who knows? The one thing we do know is that it's gonna ROCK. Grab some Cabo Wabo (aka Sammy's Beach Bar Rum), or your favorite beverage, and crank it up as you wrap up the weekend.

Let's take a look at 5 fun facts about KLUB 106.9's newest DJ, Sammy Hagar! Sammy Hagar aka the Red Rocker. You know and love Sammy's work with Van Halen, Montrose, Chickenfoot, and other projects. Sammy is also a bestselling author, tv personality, and Cabo King!

KLUB 106.9's New DJ: Sammy Hagar

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