It's been pretty wet in the Crossroads so far this year with official tallies showing as much as 9 inches in some areas on Wednesday. Honestly, I have no idea about the drought, it just seems like every year when we get some rain, the first thing you hear is "the drought's not over." Again, I'm no expert, but I'd say we are not in a drought at the moment.

Other rainfall reports said there was 9 inched in Jackson and DeWitt Counties, and Inez registering 7 inches. At Calhoun County Airport, officials listed right around 3 1/2 inches of rainfall. No significant problems were reported from the rainfall, but minor river flooding is expected.

The National Weather Service has also issued a flood warning for the Guadalupe River in Victoria and Calhoun counties, with minor flooding in the forecast. Officials say chances for showers and thunderstorms will remain in the forecast through the middle of next week, and by that time, we may get another 2 to 4 inches of rain.

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