If you thought you were superstitious before, there’s definitely no going back now. For the first time since the ’40s, a full moon, also known as a Blue Moon, or Hunter’s moon, is to appear this Halloween. The first full moon of 2020 showed itself on January 10th, making it a “Wolf” moon. Usually, a full moon occurs once each month, meaning we see 12 full moons in a calendar year. But, on some occasions, this beautiful satellite of ours may decide to sneak up twice in one month.

Let this be the best news in 2020! If you follow the lunar cycle or enjoy gazing at full moons, you would be delighted to know this is the second full moon that will occur this month, after the first one appeared on October 1st. The Harvest Moon which usually makes its debut in September signifying that the autumnal equinox is close appeared on the 2nd of September, which is too early to be considered as such, so now we get a “blue” moon.

For most people, the full “Blue” moon occurring on Halloween will be a once-in-a-lifetime event as the Farmer’s Almanac shows the last time this occurrence came about was in 1944. NASA predicts that the next full moon on Halloween isn’t supposed to happen again until 2039. The blue moon won’t actually be blue but is instead named by scientists to describe the rare occurrence of a full moon appearing twice in one single month.

Check out these memorable, and groovy tunes, mentioning our beautiful moon:

Thanks to our intern Lorin Walker for covering the Moon Beat this week!

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