Three individuals in San Angelo, Texas may have found an all-new low during these troubled times in America.

San Angelo Police say a 2-month old girl was found unresponsive and found with needle injection marks, and has since tested positive for heroin. The child died over the weekend at Cooks Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth. Police identified the child as Brixlee Marie Lee.

I can't imagine the urgency the officers felt upon discovering Brixlee and knowing she needed immediate medical attention. They rushed her to San Angelo hospital last Saturday and that is when Doctors found the injection marks not only on her "extremities" but also "injection marks on her head". Brixlee's urine also tested positive for heroin. She was moved on Saturday afternoon from San Angelo to Cook's Children's where she was pronounced dead.

The folks who could win the "Worst Parents Ever" award are Destiney Harbor who was arrested on Saturday, as was her mother and boyfriend. Destiney is 21, her boyfriend Dustin Smock is 34, and Destiney's mother Christin Bradley is 37. They are all being charged with serious bodily injury to a child according to

Officials are now reporting that Destiney Harbour gave birth to Brixlee in their home and did not consult a doctor or take the child to the hospital or to see any medical professionals after she was born.

Officers have searched the San Angelo home only to find heroin, methamphetamine, weed, pills, and all kinds of pipes and paraphernalia. Destiney's bond was posted as $100,000. Dustin's bond was listed as $50,000. Destiney's mother Christin was released on Sunday on a $50,000 bond. The legal council for these individuals is not known at this time.

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