There are lots of cities and towns with the same name across the country like Springfield, Ohio and Springfield, Missouri for example, but what about a state with two cities with the same name? that could cause some confusion. Take the Texas city of Reno for example. But wait, you might be thinking, which Reno are we talking about? And, therein lies the confusion.

It seems there are two Renos in Texas, one in Parker County located near Fort Worth, and the other about 160 miles away in northeast Texas in Lamar County. That fact cause lots of confusion, from undelivered mail to phone calls to the wrong city. The confusion doesn't stop there, Reno Police Chief (the one in Lamar County) reports lots of confusion, even from state agencies.

According to a published report by the Associated Press, the Reno in Parker County is thinking about changing their name to Reno Springs. They have had just the regular Reno moniker for 140 years.

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