Though he didn't direct it, Eli Roth stars and co-wrote 'Aftershock' in which he plays an American tourist in Chile who survives an earthquake only to realize that the aftermath is just as deadly. This could be fun. Now there's a trailer.

The film was directed by Chilean filmmaker Nicolás López, and the film has already played film festivals. Our Jordan Hoffman reviewed it, calling 'Aftershock' "an effective midnight movie." What's interesting is that there is no release date. It comes from The Weinstein's Dimension films, but with a trailer hitting now it seems likely we'll be getting this sometime in March or April, unless the Weinstein stick it in their famous closet where they've buried films for years and years.

Eli Roth is coming off of 'Inglourious Basterds,' which didn't do that much for his acting career (though to be fair he did get to SPOILERS kill Hitler END SPOILERS), and as a director he's coming off of 'Hostel 2,' which came out over five years ago. Roth has been attached to a number of projects since, but nothing has come to fruition. But at least 'Aftershock should come out sometime in 2013. Hopefully.

Here's the trailer, courtesy of IGN:

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