You may recall that an early promotional video for Prometheus introduced us to David, the dangerously curious synthetic played by Michael Fassbender. In Alien: Covenant, we’ll get two Fassbenders for the price of one, as the actor is playing a newer synthetic model known as David. 20th Century Fox has released an intriguing fake marketing video from Weyland-Yutani to prepare you for tomorrow’s full, formal introduction to the latest addition to the fictional company’s line of synthetics.

The teaser is very much as the name implies, giving us a glimpse at Fassbender’s Walter, who is allegedly an upgrade to the more problematic David. We’ll see much more of him tomorrow, when Fox unveils the full promotional video, which will likely be similar to this one they released for David ahead of Prometheus:

Walter will join the crew of Alien: Covenant on their colony mission to a mysterious planet, where they discover that their intended new home isn’t as vacant as they assumed. David has been up to his old tricks, using the planet for his little experiments. What happens when Walter meets David? Will the mischievous droid infect the more servile one with his dangerous ideas?

Here’s the official plot for Alien: Covenant:

Ridley Scott returns to the universe he created with Alien: Covenant, a new chapter in his groundbreaking Alien franchise. The crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world. When they uncover a threat beyond their imagination, they must attempt a harrowing escape.

Alien: Covenant also stars Katherine Waterston, Danny McBride, Billy Crudup, Demian Bichir, Amy Seimetz, Carmen Ejiogo, Jussie Smollett and James Franco, and hits theaters on May 19.

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