There is a new anime store in Houston that is bringing together two scenes, and it is absolutely POPPING. Our intern Alex is always taking her cars to compete in Houston and when she said there was an Anime meet this weekend we told her to be sure to come back with photos and she did not disappoint!

The Weeb Stop is an anime store that has recently planted its feet in Houston, and they are doing the most. They are combing anime fans with car enthusiasts, and it is quite a sight!

This past weekend they hosted their second event, the first of which we talked about HERE.

The Weeb Stop got in the spirit and hosted a Christmas themed anime car meet- and it did not disappoint.

Their parking lot was full of cars and all things anime. As soon as you waltz into the entrance, you are immediately hit with some EDM tunes to set the mood for a pretty rad time. There were cosplayers all around, totally in their realm, just vibing and enjoying the scene.

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Some were especially in the zone and got into some pretty cool dance battles.  

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The WeebStop arranged for some pretty cool vendors to come out, perfect and just in time for some Christmas shopping. There were more than 14 vendors ranging from apparel to stickers and even hand made art.




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Ahhgela was just one of the many vendors that had a huge following; they had insanely rad anime-themed air fresheners and some peek-a-boo stickers to hide in the corner of a window.

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I managed to grab some anime air fresheners that are hanging oh so perfectly in my vehicle right now.

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Of course, this was also a car meet, so there were some pretty unique anime-wrapped cars. These anime-loving car-enthusiasts go all out, decorating their cars with wraps, stickers, custom plates, and even action figures.

When you're in the Houston area, go ahead and give them a visit at 10690 Shadow Wood Drive Suite 110 and pick up some sweet anime swag.

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