As we get ready to send our kids back to school this fall, one issue that could always use a little extra awareness and support is anti-bullying. While we like to think that it doesn't happen here but believe me, it does.

That's why Marcus Resendez has founded an anti-bullying event, the theme of which is 'Stop the Bullying' that's scheduled for Saturday, August 12th from 2-5pm at Victoria Jaycee Hall at 2905 E. North Street.  This is the 2nd year in a row he's put on such an event, last year the theme was 'Stop the Violence.'

Resendez, who is an entrepreneur and rap artist known as 'Hype', wants kids to know there is always someone to talk to about such issues, including himself.

The event is scheduled to have live music, free haircuts, and school supplies to be given away.

Sponsorships for this event are also available, call 361-827-3120 or 281-507-7999 for information.




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