Pure Anxiety and Tardiness

As the queen of running late, I understand the anxiety associated with not making important events on time. Personally, when I fly out of state I try to make sure I'm at the airport at least 2 hours before my flight takes off; only to find myself running around like a chicken without a head nearly missing the last call before takeoff.

Austin Airport Packed

Massive amounts of travelers packed into an Austin airport over the weekend. According to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, there were almost 9,000 passengers checked in by TSA before 8 am on Sunday, March 27. The following day another 8,000+ passengers were checked in before 8 am, which is far from the norm.

Traffic Jams and Headaches

It was an absolute nightmare for travelers. Traffic was jammed into the airport lanes and insanely long lines wrapped around entrances. Lines were at standstill and people began to abandon their rental cars.

Abandoned Cars

Officials confirmed that a stalled car had led car rental staff to instruct some drivers to leave their rental cars in the street with the keys in the ignition. Other drivers allegedly then did the same- like WHAT?!

How Did This Happen?

How Did This Happen?

"What happened was one rental car stalled out at the drop-off curb," an Austin-Bergstrom official told KXAN. "Rental car staff instructed the customers to go ahead and leave the vehicle with the keys in it. This caused other passengers with rental cars to follow suit, and leave their rental cars alongside the curb."

A multitude of big events in Austin happened over the weekend and this caused many people to fly in and visit the city. So just a mental note, the next time NASCAR, PGA Tour, plus other high profile events happen on the same weekend, just steer clear.

Future Renovations and Improvements

Improvements and expansions are scheduled to happen in the future. The Austin airport expects to create an additional 10 gates with its $350 million expansion.

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