An Austin woman is going viral after posting a video of her new lease agreement for her apartment. Kara out of Austin, Texas was absolutely mortified after reading her new rental agreement.

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Overnight this Austin woman revealed her rent was about to increase from $1895 to $2750. The TikTok video shows the rental agreement contract as the screen reads: "So this is a $855 A MONTH INCREASE."

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The video was a shock for many people.

"Why is Austin acting like NYC 😅"

"Austin getting wayyyyyy too big for its britches"

"Your rent increased more than what my whole rent is 😳😳"

"That increase is more than my mortgage 😳"

Prices are soaring everywhere, even in the Crossroads, but this increase is terrifying. People began leaving comments asking if that drastic price increase was legal.

One user wrote, "this feels illegal 😭"

Another user was going through the exact same thing adding, "Hey, my rent was increased by $800, I thought there were laws against this craziness??? No?😳."

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As illegal as the drastic rent increase feels, it is completely legal. "There are no rent stabilization or rent control laws in Texas." Kara went on to explain," If my landlord wanted to raise the rent by $2,000 a month, he could."

The Silver Lining

Like a dagger in the heart, one person wrote, "Um that’s west coast prices. Like y’all got big-city problems without the benefit of good weather, mountains, ocean, lakes, etc 😂. That’s crazy."

However, Kara shot back, 'But we have breakfast tacos!!! 💀💀💀."

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