Here's a List of several things you probably shouldn't do to spark the romance on Valentine's Day.

1) Take her to the "dump", aka The county Landfill, to shoot rats with BB guns and drink Mad Dog 20/20. She probably won't enjoy it. Plus it may leave you no time for the Ron Jeremy film festival you had planned for her later in the night.

Things is...This IS  how I met my wife.

2) It's okay to roleplay in the bedroom. In fact, that is encouraged. BUT...don't roleplay Jerry Sandusky scenarios.

3) Don't show up at your girlfriend's house with a BOX of wine. Not classy. Not cool. Besides it makes about as much since as a bottle of shoes.

4) If you buy her expensive jewelry, don't ask her to sign any agreements about giving it back in the event of a break-up. This will get you nowhere.

5) Any more ideas? Feel free to tell us. I'm fresh out.

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