Our Texas linemen have really had a rough 2021 so far. Their actions throughout the deep freeze in the month of February were heroic, and maybe we don't get a chance to say thank them as often as we should. Know that we appreciate all you do and the risks you take each day to help keep communities all over the state of Texaswith the utility we need.

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It's a job I could probably never do. Not the biggest fan of being up high in a basket working on power lines. If I ever had to climb our tower at the radio station to change a lite bulb I doubt I would make it 100 feet up.

While 100 feet might not seem incredibly high, it certainly is dangerous work. Overnight Sunday in Chambers County, one crew experienced this danger first hand. News4SanAntonio reports one person is dead after a lineman's basket broke loose from a crane and tumbled 106 feet to the ground. The accident happened just outside of Mont Belvieu, Texas. Two men went up in the basket, and one man died as a result of the fall. The other was taken to a hospital in Houston in critical condition.

There is an excellent recap from the Chambers County Sherriff posted on their Facebook Page. Sheriff Brian Hawthorne is quoted on the page as saying the accident took place just after 12:30 am on Sunday. EMS workers responded to the worksite on FM 1942 near Hatcherville Road. The social media post says two linemen went up and the basket became unstable and separated from the lift. A Justice of the Peace pronounced one worker dead at the scene. Our prayers are with all those involved and with the worker who was flown to Houston after the accident.

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