The Beach Boys will release a new five-CD box set, Feel Flows — The Sunflower and Surf's Up Sessions 1969-1971, on July 30.

They previewed the project with the previously unreleased track "Big Sur."

Originally recorded for the group's 1971 LP, Surf's Up, the tranquil song gazes out reverently at the titular California coastal town: "Cashmere hills filled with evergreens / Flowing from the clouds down to meet the sea," Mike Love softly coos over massively stacked "doo doo" backing vocals and a twinkly arrangement with acoustic guitar.

You can hear "Big Sur" below.

Assembled by Mark Linett and Alan Boyd, the duo responsible for 2013's Smile Sessions, Feel Flows bundles 135 tracks from the recording of Surf's Up and 1970's Sunflower. It features remastered versions of both albums, along with 108 previously unreleased tracks, live cuts, radio promos, alternate versions, alternate mixes, a cappella takes and isolated backing tracks.

The five-CD package also includes a 48-page book featuring rare and unreleased photos, lyric sheets, new liner notes and new and archival interviews with Brian Wilson, Al Jardine, Dennis Wilson, Bruce Johnston, Carl Wilson, Mike Love and others.

Abbreviated versions of the box include a four-LP set on black vinyl and limited-edition colored vinyl (translucent blue and translucent gold), two-LP black vinyl and two-CD. The various sets are available to pre-order at the official Beach Boys site, where you can also find full track lists for the individual packages. You can see the track listing for the two-disc version below.

The Beach Boys, 'Feel Flows — The Sunflower and Surf's Up Sessions 1969-1971 Track Listing' (Two-CD)

Disc One
Sunflower Original Album
1. "Slip On Through" (2019 master)
2. "This Whole World" (2019 master)
3. "Add Some Music To Your Day" (2019 master)
4. "Got To Know The Woman" (2019 master)
5. "Deirdre" (2019 master)
6. "It’s About Time" (2019 master)
7. "Tears In The Morning" (2019 master)
8. "All I Wanna Do" (2019 master)
9. "Forever" (2019 master)
10. "Our Sweet Love" (2019 master)
11. "At My Window" (2019 master)
12. "Cool Cool Water" (2019 master)

Sunflower Bonus Cuts
13. "Loop De Loop" (previously unreleased 1969 mix)
14. "San Miguel" (previously unreleased 2020 mix)
15. "Susie Cincinnati" (previously unreleased 2019 mix)
16. "Good Time" (previously unreleased 2019 mix)
17. "I Just Got My Pay" (previously unreleased 2019 mix)
18. "Two Can Play" (previously unreleased 2019 mix)
19. "I’m Goin’ Your Way" (previously unreleased alternate mix)
20. "Where Is She" (previously unreleased 2019 mix)
21. "Break Away (Tag)" (backing vocals excerpt – previously unreleased)
22. "Our Sweet Love" (string section – previously unreleased)
23. "This Whole World" (alternate ending – previously unreleased)
24. "Add Some Music To Your Day" (previously unreleased alternate version)
25. "Soulful Old Man Sunshine" (previously unreleased 2019 mix)
26. "All I Wanna Do" (a Cappella – previously unreleased)
27. "Back Home" (alternate version – previously unreleased)
28. "When Girls Get Together" (previously unreleased 2019 mix)
29. "This Whole World" (Live 1988)

Disc Two
Surf's Up Original Album
1. "Don’t Go Near The Water" (2019 master)
2. "Long Promised Road" (2019 master)
3. "Take A Load Off Your Feet" (2019 master)
4. "Disney Girls (1957)" (2019 master)
5. "Student Demonstration Time" (2019 master)
6. "Feel Flows" (2019 master)
7. "Lookin’ At Tomorrow (A Welfare Song)" (2019 master)
8. "A Day In The Life Of A Tree" (2019 master)
9. "Til I Die" (2019 master)
10. "Surf’s Up" (2019 master)

Surf’s Up Bonus Cuts
11. "It’s A New Day" (previously unreleased)
12. "Big Sur" (previously unreleased)
13. "(Wouldn’t It Be Nice To) Live Again" (extended 2019 – previously unreleased)
14. "4th of July" (2019 mix – previously unreleased)
15. "Lady (Fallin’ In Love)" (1970 stereo mix – previously unreleased)
16. "Behold The Night" (previously unreleased)
17. "Medley: All Of My Love / Ecology" (previously unreleased)
18. "Sweet And Bitter" (previously unreleased)
19. "My Solution" (previously unreleased)
20. "Awake" (previously unreleased)
21. "Disney Girls" (Live 1982)
22. "Surf’s Up" (Live 1973)
23. "You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone" (track & backing vocals – previously unreleased)
24. "Feel Flows" (backing vocals excerpt – previously unreleased)
25. "Disney Girls" (backing vocals excerpt – previously unreleased)


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