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Do you remember how old you were when you first played lottery or scratched your first ticket? 

Are you someone who hasn't ever played?

Well, you might be able to chalk this up to beginner's luck but an 18 year old Canadian teen just won the lottery, the first time she has ever played it!

She didn't even know how to play and called her dad while she was at the corner store.

Juliette Lamour, 18, of Ontario, Canada, was announced as the winner by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation this past Friday, making her the country’s youngest person to win a lottery prize of this amount!

So it was the first time she played, she is only 18 and she is the youngest person in Canada to win this big!

What would you have done as a teenager if you had won 48 million dollars?

I'll give you a minute to daydream.

And what a day dream this must be for her because this story just keeps getting better!

SeeJuliette Lamour had forgotten about the lottery ticket altogether.

In fact, it was her grandfather who had suggested she buy a lottery ticket on her birthday and she did not thinking much about it afterwards until her co-worker told mentioned that someone had won from their community but hadn't identified themselves.

Bam! 48 million dollars on the first try! 

You'll love this video of Juliette telling her story as she accepts the check that is going to absolutely change her life, thanks to Toronto Sun on Youtube.

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