Local car dealer Ben Keating was the GT Daytona winner in the Rolex 24 car race yesterday.

Keating, whose "booming" Port Lavaca car dealership ads, boomed his way to the finish line in the 24 hour race with a time of 23 hours, 2 minutes 58.303 seconds in a Dodge Viper SRT. Keating's race team included drivers Dominik Farnbacher, Al Carter, Kuno Wittmer and Cameron Lawrence. Keating's team ended with a 13th overall finish, while his other team ended with a 23rd overall finish.

Ben Keating now sports 5 career championships in his 8 years of racing a Viper. Keating owns the Port Lavaca Auto Group along with Toyota of Victoria.

Here he is racing his Viper SRT in 2014.

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