In the heart of Austin's party central, 6th Street, a TikTok video recently caught some next-level chaos. Picture this: a car flipped over, blocking the already narrow road. The video, shot from a passing car, captures the madness and leaves everyone wondering how the heck it happened.

@alfredos2k via TikTok
@alfredos2k via TikTok

The street's so cramped that figuring out how the car ended up on its roof is like solving a riddle. The driver, clearly not having the best night, is losing it and pointing fingers at someone off-camera. Drama on 6th Street, for real.

@alfredos2k via TikTok
@alfredos2k via TikTok

But here's the kicker – the person filming decides to drop a one-liner, yelling, "You can park there!" as they drive by. It's a mix of funny and aggravating, and the driver's reaction? Priceless.

TikTok's comment section is blowing up with laughter and people trying to piece together the wild scene. It's just another day in the life of 6th Street, where even a flipped car can turn into a viral sensation. Talk about a plot twist!


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