The Associated Press is reporting that Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg has ended his run for President in favor of supporting Joe Biden.

Disappointment over Super Tuesday numbers is said to be one of the main reasons the billionaire candidate has dropped out of the race. The former New York City mayor had spent over $500 million of his own money on the 2020 campaign so far.

Here in Victoria, we can tell you that the Bloomberg campaign has been on the phone with our radio group several times a week to buy advertising during the election year, so we are shocked to see the news of him ending his campaign because he had just purchased additional radio advertising locally for the campaign with in the last 48 hours. We did not expect to see this outcome this morning.

Bloomberg is said to have been disappointed by Tuesday's results. The Bloomberg campaign's only win was in the territory of American Samoa. Biden, meanwhile, did far better even in states where Bloomberg went on a big spending spree.

Bloomberg released a statement today and said:

Three months ago, I entered the race for President to defeat Donald Trump,” Bloomberg said in a statement. “Today, I am leaving the race for the same reason: to defeat Donald Trump — because it is clear to me that staying in would make achieving that goal more difficult.
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