Bloomington Crime Scene

Yellow tape masked off an area on 8th St. Wednesday afternoon in Bloomington. Citizens in the area began to wonder exactly what was happening with all the commotion and law enforcement in the area.

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Social media started buzzing as those nearby began posting on social media, asking questions.

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Discovery During a Move

According to the Victoria Advocate, a call was made by residents on 8th Street. These particular citizens were in the middle of moving when they discovered a dead body inside a van that had been on their property. The vehicle had been abandoned and had not run for quite some time.

Chief Deputy Will Franklin of the Victoria County Sheriff‘s Office later confirmed the investigation was regarding a dead body.

No Foul Play At This Time

Law enforcement involved also stated there was no indication of foul play related to the remains at that time. Sherrif Franklin also mentioned authorities do not believe there is an ongoing threat to residents.

Updates Will Be Posted As They Become Available

The body has yet to be identified; it will be sent to the Travis County Medical Examiner's Office for identification and autopsy. We will continue to update this article as information becomes available.

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