The body of a missing 19-year-old from the San Antonio area was discovered on the shores of Port Aransas near beach marker 10 around 2:30 a.m. Friday.

Body Discovered Near Port Aransas Shore Early Friday

The body of Nicholas Austin Mireles was discovered almost two days after he went missing on Wednesday after running into trouble in the water. reports that

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Having never been a very strong swimmer, these stories are just so hard to read, and they seem to be happening far too often in the early days of the summer of 2021. There are so many currents in the water that move and flow just feet from each other that it is easy for an experienced swimmer to begin to struggle.

Rip Currents Claim Two More Lives

Nicholas became separated from his father in the water and rescue teams found  Richard Allen Mireles Jr and pulled him from the water. Richard received CPR from rescue teams and was rushed to Corpus Christi hospital where he later passed away according to the Port A South Jetty. Port Aransas Police Chief Scott Burroughs told the South Jetty that the department offers their deepest sympathies to the Mireles family after suffering such a difficult loss.

Know Before You Go Swimming

Wave, Yell, Swim Parallel. A simple phrase for sure but one that is easy to remember and one that may help save a life if you share it with your friends and family members. We are only a couple of weeks into summer and news like this is very difficult as we head into what might be the busiest beach weekend of the year with countless swimmers visiting the same spots that have also seen some tragic accidents this year.

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