GET READY! Next week it's about to get cool...well, strike that, it's about to get cooler.  Next Wednesday (9/22) the first Fall front of the season moves in. How cool will it get? Well, leave your jacket in the closet during the day, but at night you may actually need a blanket. The current 10 day forecast shows Wednesday's overnight low at 60 with high in mid to upper 80's.  The coldest temperature in this first front is Thursday night with the overnight low of 57 degrees. Enjoy it while you can, by Saturday (9/25) the Crossroads is headed back into the 90s.

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Just in case you were wondering - does it get cold down here in September? Yes, in 2020, Corpus Christi recorded a low of 51 on September 30th. San Antonio hit 46 degrees on September 22 of 1983. And, right here in Victoria we have a cool September record of 48 degree on September 26th of 2000.

David Paul, meteorologist from KHOU Channel 11 in Houston, detailed the cooler temperatures in this report.


So, here comes the fall weather - are you ready for it or do you just love the days in the high 90s? That's what I thought - I'm ready too!  Now the weather will finally catch up to the pumpkin spice items I'm seeing everywhere. I know this weather is not as serious as the tropical storm that hit last week, but I thought it may put a little smile on your face knowing that a break from the heat is coming.  As for now, get into your sweltering car and enjoy the weekend!

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