When it comes to choosing who gets the honor of walking the bride down the aisle on her wedding day, most women choose their dad. If their biological dad is deceased or not around, then many choose someone who is closed to them.

Sharing her story on Reddit, one woman explained while planning her ceremony, her stepdad insisted he walk her down the aisle instead of her biological dad, who she is close with.

The woman noted she has never been a big fan of her stepdad, Dave, so she doesn't want him to be the one who walks her down the aisle. Although she doesn't see her biological dad as often she'd like, she wants him to be the one who walks her down to her groom.

"I am getting married to my fiancé," the 23-year-old wrote via Reddit. "I have never liked my stepdad, Dave, because there have been several cases of my mom choosing him over me, and he manipulates people to be on his side."

"I haven’t been able to see my dad much since I was eight, when my mom cheated on him with Dave. However, my dad is still my favorite person and he has always been my escape from Dave's toxicity," she continued. "Anyway, Dave has recently asked me if he could walk me down the aisle. He asked in front of the whole family (at a family dinner) so I’d be most likely to say yes, [but] I said 'no because we do not get along and if I wanted you to walk me then I’d ask myself.'"

She added that after the dinner, her family confronted her, accusing her of "not caring" about her stepdad.

"But that isn’t what the main problem is, it’s that he keeps asking me at least twice a day and I keep saying no," she said. "When I was younger I would have caved in but now I will not."

Junior REIS via Unsplash
Junior REIS via Unsplash

After days of annoying her, the woman snapped and completely uninvited her stepdad from the wedding. In turn, her mom stated that if Dave isn't invited then she will not be attending the ceremony either."

The bride-to-be detailed that she "told him he’s uninvited from the wedding and he got very mad. The only downside to this is that my mom loves him a lot more than she loves me, so she told me she will not be at the wedding if Dave doesn’t go."

As for the groom, he sided with his bride: "My fiancé said that if my mom will constantly choose him over me then she shouldn’t be there either."

"I have told my friends about this and some think I’m in the right but some others think I should stop being petty and re-invite him," she added.

Reddit users rallied around the bride-to-be in the comments, explaining it's her wedding and she has the right to do what she wants.

"I would just tell your mom fine, they can both stay away, and that she's made her choice. They are absolutely toxic, and your mom is actually worse than your stepdad because she's your parent and actively chooses him over you," one person wrote.

"This is your wedding, you don't owe him anything and you have every right to decide who gets to walk you down the aisle," another user weighed in.

Another person offered a petty alternative: "Next time he asks, say yes, you may walk me down the aisle, but I need your help with an errand first. Drive to a grocery store. Take him inside and walk to the back. Look around briefly, then walk back to the front and leave. When he inevitably asks what's going on, tell him he's just walked you down the aisle."

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