As we prepare to polish off the crap sandwich that was 2016, we can allow ourselves some scant crumbs of hope as we look out over the slate of movies for the year to come. There are some exciting prospects on the calendar, with one of the more surprisingly excellent recent franchises making its triumphant return. Matt Reeves brings the neo-Planet of the Apes trilogy to a conclusion with War for the Planet of the Apes, the tantalizing trailer for which was released just last week, promising another soundly-constructed blockbuster. Today, however, brings the international trailer, which offers a glimpse at some new footage of the film before its release on July 14.

Well, really just one scene. A lot of the material has been recycled from the first U.S. trailer — the harrowing image of Woody Harrelson shaving his own head, the point-blank execution-style standoff, Harrelson somehow managing to say “It will be a planet of apes” without giggling — but one bit hadn’t been shown yet. The new footage comes from the clip in which human operatives storm ape Caesar’s hideout, only for the crafty chimp to dispose of them both and take their radio, overhearing their plans to kill him. From there, he makes a mad charge at the power-crazed Colonel portrayed by Harrelson, who escapes.

There’s not too much new ground broken here, but hey, it’s always worth it just to hear Harrelson very nearly (but not actually!) say the words “planet of the apes” with what we can presume is a straight face. War for the Planet of the Apes hits theaters July 14, 2017.

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