We were just talking about Carrie Fisher, a while back, on the air.  I talked about how she USED to be smokin' hot and then I proceeded to name her as THE hollywood celeb that has "let herself go" the most over the years.

I saw a picture of her a few months ago and about died of shock. I honestly thought, "there's no way that is Carrie Fisher".  She had balooned up, BIG TIME.  She honestly looked more like Jaba The Hut.

Wow...What more can you really say about that.  A picture's worth a Thousand words.Well now she's dropped fifty pounds and is actually the new face of Jenny Craig. 

Carrie has always been a straight shooter and she says she wouldn't endorse the products if they didn't work. 

Good for her.

I'm thinking she'll be back in that metal bikini in no time.

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