One family has taken their movie fandom to the ultimate level. Couple Lisa and Roy Rose own an exact replica of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre gas station.

It did not come easy; these two definitely put their blood, sweat, and tears into creating this impressive replica.

CBS Austin took a dive into the horror classics gas station and got some pretty exciting information from the two owners.

Roy watched the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and immediately became fascinated with it. There was a particular gas station on their radar that, in Lisa's words, "Was a dump. It looked like it's been sitting here since 1974".

According to Lisa, after looking at the location for a while, the former owners finally put the spot up for sale and gave the two a ring. Lisa recalls her husband's response, "It was about 6 years ago, he got the call he'd been waiting for years, we dropped everything and came to Bastrop, Texas to look at it."

They uprooted their family from Ohio and moved to Texas to seal the deal on this killer buy.

The gas station opened up back in 2016. It took the couple about two years to renovate the gas station.  "It's an adventure, that's for sure. It took a lot of work," said Rose. Everything at the gas station is replicated in detail to an absolute tee.

The gas station has the same rooftop, BBQ sign, even the wooden-framed door is an exact replica of the movie. Rose and Roy definitely couldn't forget the little details like including the green van and truck.

Roy has even been known to dress up as Leatherface to greet visitors.

The gas station has four cabins added to it for visitors looking to spend the night at this killer spot. There is even a BBQ spot on the location where you can get a "mean brisket sandwich".

This Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gas Station replica is such a great find and so appropriate to visit, especially around this time of year.

They have got a free event Friday, October 30th. Actress Caroline Williams will be screening her movie "10 Minutes to Midnight." It will begin at 8:30 p.m. Click here to find out more.

Thanks to our intern Alex Salinas for digging up the dirt on Leatherface!

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