Texas is Extra

Texas is extra-large, extra fun, and their parents are being very extra with some of their baby names. Yes, Texas may be full of Taylors, Johns, and Melissas, but there are a few names sprinkled into the pack that may have you doing a double-take.

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Texans Love Football

If there is anything you should know about Texas, it is that football is more than a sport, it is a way of life. The loyalty and pride radiate more than the sun. There is even a dad who is so obsessed with the Dallas Cowboys that he went over and beyond to showcase his adoration, through his children.

Passionate Name Generator

Some other Texas parents took a different route and gifted their child with a name dedicated to their one and only Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Some other names that have come out are very basic and to the point, yet highly original like Baby Boy.

Look, I can't really say much because I completely made up my daughter's name. Unfortunately for the kids with bizarre and unique names, they will never find their name on a gas station bracelet or when browsing through a rack of tiny license plates.

On the Bright Side

On the brighter side, kids with unique names never get confused with others on a roster or have to use their last initial to differentiate themself from another Alex, Jessica, or Matthew in class.

However, some of these names are a bit much. Their parents may have taken it a bit too far. Either way, a name change can be done in the future, or maybe the kids can embrace their uniqueness. Check out these insane Texas names and see for yourself.

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