Partnering with the Southside Community Coalition, the City of Victoria is to host a volunteer-led day working to provide cleanup and community development. The Southside Community Coalition is a community group working to revitalize Victoria’s south-side through events like these, as the City plans to replicate clean-ups like this in other neighborhoods.

The cleanup will take place on November 14th from 8 a.m. until noon in the southside neighborhood by East Street and Port Lavaca Drive. If you’re curious about joining or would like to volunteer, you may register online at or when you walk-up on the day of the event. All volunteers, including members from the City of Victoria staff as well as the Southside Community Coalition, are expected to meet at the vacant parking lot just across from Mumphord’s Pace Bar-B-Q, where they will then split up to clean areas the Coalition has identified as needing work. Volunteers as well as The City of Victoria Solid Waste as well as Public Works will assist in removing waste, trimming brush, and even fill potholes. Parks and Recreation is also expected to help clean and beautify Hopkins Park.

Assistant City Manager, Mike Etienne has said that “as areas in the city mature, neighborhoods require concentrated revitalization efforts in order to maintain and improve quality of life,” as, “we are committed to empowering residents to maintain the vitality of our community by focusing on aesthetic improvements and making our neighborhoods clean and safe places to live, work, and raise a family.”

Overall, the City and Southside Community Coalition look forward to your willingness in volunteering and hope to see you at future clean-ups as well!

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