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Cool Front Coming To South Texas and Texans Are Here For It

It's been so damn hot in Texas that any reprieve from the triple digits has Texans celebrating!

And celebrate they will as a whopping eight-degree variance in temperatures expected next week could bring a short break from a record heat wave in South Texas!

Cooler air likely coming to South Texas

The summer of 2023 has featured the most intense heat in modern record averaged over the planet and Texas has been dealing with blistering heat for summer.

Earth's Hottest Month on Record, Ever.

Climate Central reports; Earth’s hottest month was July 2023 and was the hottest month ever recorded on Earth—and by a wide margin. 

The year-to-date (January to July 2023) global surface temperature ranked 3rd warmest in the 144-year record at 1.29°C (2.32°F) above the early industrial (1881-1910) baseline average.

What is the weather doing to bring about the cool wave?

The Crossroads can potentially thank the weak “cool” front as drier air filtering in will bring lower humidity and upcoming moisture in the air leading to possible rain for temperatures that could drop from triple digits to the 90s beginning Tuesday of next week.

KXAN reports, "With that heat dome out of the way, the door will be open from the Gulf of Mexico for a tropical disturbance to move onshore into Texas, potentially bringing temperatures under 100° and a more widespread chance of rain."

The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel

The cool front won't last long, but Texans will take it!


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